WP2 - State of the art

In order to analyze the experiences of infrastructures and systems for managing marine data already available within RITMARE, SP7_WP2 prepared a questionnaire filled by 47 researchers from 8 participant institutions, being considered representative of the users of all fields in the Italian marine research (OGS, IREA-CNR, SZN, ISMAR-CNR, ENEA, ISAC-CNR, INGV, CoNISMa).

Collected information is summarized in 47 forms with the following detailed fields:

  • identification: information to identify and describe each initiative/project analyzed;

  • solutions: description of the main functions implemented by the initiative/project;

  • description of data and information made available, used or managedby the initiative/project;

  • maturity: syntetic indicator to highlight the maturity level of the solution with respect to the implementation of RITMARE infrastructure;

The forms allow to sketch and synthesize (by pre-defined codes) information related to data, metadata and used thesauri.

Information collected has been used in the gap analysis guided by SP7_WP4.

Figure WP2.1 reports the list of the examined internal initiatives.

Figure WP2.1: list of initiatives internal to RITMARE inventoried by SP7_WP2