WP1 - Shared infrastructure for marine technologies

AZ1, (Infrastructure for non-destructive analysis of sediment samples) after buying the XRF Core Scanner AVAATECH Third Generation, has proceeded to install it in the Bologna office.

AZ2, after compiling the final design of interventions concerning the adaptation of facilities for electroacoustic and bioacoustic analysis, has completed the intervention of strengthening of the low glare mesocosm with acoustic monitoring and video integrated systems. The mesocosm will have characteristics compatible with the realization of experimental tests for the evaluation of acoustic Target Strength of fish species of commercial interest and for the study of communication in marine organisms through acoustic signals.

The AZ3 has been developed according to the guidelines provided by the project. The activities carried out have made it possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • Purchase and installation of protective devices for HF radar stations operating in harsh environments;

  • Inclusion in the HF Radar European core group, coordinated by EuroGOOS, for the definition of standard format of the HF radar data at European level, for data dissemination and interoperability of the data centers;

  • Installation of new radar units;

  • Training of a unit of specialized personnel.

The AZ4 has been developed according to the guidelines provided by the project. Having completed the purchase of the equipment provided by the project, the activities carried out to achieve the objectives set for this action were:

  • The integration of a  high performance thermometer for Oceanographic and Metrology use with the equipment already present in the CTO;

  • Test and preparation of procedures of use about the instrumentation acquired for the calibration of the marine sensors of dissolved oxygen and pH;

  • The adaptation of the spaces of the CTO with realization of a new space for the test line of the pressure sensors;

It has been also initiated training activities with the production of educational materials.

The AZ5 has continued the development of the already started work, on the prototype of the marine-weather chain modeling system, applied to the area of Genoa.