WP1 - Design of integrated and multi-platforms observatories

This WP has defined objectives, architecture and a shared roadmap for the establishment of a RITMARE observation and information system, based on existing components (observational networks) that will be developed and integrated. RITMARE identified ecosystem services as an essential element, and the processes that control them as the subject of monitoring activities. On this basis and in line with international guidelines, the essential variables to be monitored were defined and strategic areas identified.

The system ROBIN (RITMARE Observatories and-Infrastructure) integrates different observational platforms whose data, transmitted to the mainland and subjected to quality controls, will feed into Topic Centers and temporary archives.

The system will include observations on a regional or basin scale, to be connected to key areas in which specific processes are addressed.

Conceptual flowchart of the RITMARE Observation and Information System

In the test-site of the Gulf of Naples, criteria and components for the construction of Marine Observatories are verified. To this end, quality and accessibility of data collected at the observational site LTER-MC have been improved, resulting dataset checked and an illustrated report published (http://szn.macisteweb.com). The physical, chemical and biological data collected weekly are also published in real time on the web. Observations are integrated on a larger scale by working with other agencies and participating in the construction of an inter-institutional Observatory of the Sea (www.osservatoriodelmare.it). To strengthen the observation site, innovative instrumentation was acquired while the genomic approach with HTS techniques was introduced. At the international level, QC procedures for biological data have been proposed and biovolume data revised at the global scale. Scientific topics have included the reconstruction of forcing scenarios at the base of biotic patterns, trophic relationships, recurring species associations and synthetic descriptors of the planktonic system status.

Mount Vesuvio seen from the LTER-MC observation site

The plankton of the week. Information on phytoplankton, zooplankton and hydrography are published weekly on the web