SP5 - Observation System for the Marine Mediterranean Environment

This Sub-Project aims to consolidate, integrate and develop existing and new marine observational infrastructures in order to deliver a prototype of the “RITMARE ocean observing system” for the Italian seas that goes from sensors to models.

The project design aims at integrating the present platforms, i.e. fixed-point moorings, HF and X-band radars, gliders, satellite products and modelling components. The ongoing efforts strive to increase the number of active platforms, to align the sensors, improve the nRT QA/QC, to develop new remote sensing algorithms and products.

The structure of the “RITMARE ocean observing system” is composed by a permanent component (mooring network, satellite images, HF radars) and a relocatable component (gliders, drifters, relocatable infrastructures). This configuration allows a much larger flexibility in terms of observational strategy but requires an additional science–based definition of the objectives that can be modified according to the priorities. Presently the experimental focus is set in the Southern Adriatic Pit.

Additional attention is paid to innovation in sensors (e.g. ship-borne Lidar, stereo-optic directional wave detection, x-band radar innovative products), operational use of gliders (e.g. wave glider) and the development of anew class of coastal models. The improvementof models is indeed one part of the project where innovation is central. Spanned scales range from O[102m] (Large Eddy Simulation) to O[106m] (Mediterranean general circulation models) but the vast majority aims to explore the sub-regional scales.

The interoperability is expected to be achieved at ICT level by defining end-points (NedCDF+THREDDS web servers, SOS) in order to facilitate the discovery, viewing and downloading services of data and products through the RITMARE portal. The whole ICT-based e-infrastructure has been developed in tight connection with RITMARE SP7 data management support and advice.