WP4.AZ3 - Information and technology transfer to businesses

The Action has as its primary objective the dissemination and transfer of the research results conferred by the various institutions participating in RITMARE. The Action provides a preliminary analysis of national and international academic institutions, highlighting the main features and the critical point connected with the exchange of knowledge.

The Action performs the analysis of the main economic literature and main institutional reports on technology transfer (TT), in order to prepare a comprehensive and analytical review of the phenomenon; the goal of this step is to search the reference cases where an effective synergy between research and enterprises was created, investigating in particular the knowledge-based sectors. A later stage activity aims to the study of the high-tech markets and to the creation of a database of potential users of scientific knowledge.

In close cooperation with AZ1, the Action also includes a search for potential business partners through participation in technological fairs and ad hoc surveys.

Action leader Marco Cinquegrani - SZN