WP4.AZ1 - Set up of the office for the support of the technology transfer

The Italian research tends to a widespread fragmentation and without the support of "public" resources and stimuli from companies and industries it often risks that relevant discoveries are ignored and not "automatically" recognized as innovation.

The supporting office that RITMARE intends to implement, serving as a network of expertise, aims to coordinate all the existing structures (avoiding the overlap with them) without losing sight of the connection between supply and request for innovation. In this process of global oversight on the process of innovation and technological transfer the office has the task to identify, from the first moments of each process, its prospects of innovation and to follow the process to its completion, in view of the industrial/commercial application of the process/product.

The office, also during all phases of the innovation-transfer process (i.e. identification of innovation, development of themselves and their transfer), provides all the necessary support in legal and administrative consulting, both from management and operational point of view.

Action leader Carmelo Grasso – CINFAI