WP4 - Technological transfer

Technology transfer is a crucial flywheel for the competitiveness of national industry.

For this reason particular attention is paid to the dissemination and implementation of the outcomes of the various activities and their value in terms of patents. With the support of dedicated facilities already in operation at the National Research Council and other research institutions, a technology transfer office is set up; it is responsible for assessing the market potential from the beginning of the project, to evaluate project results and invention exploitation (project management support and project financing for the phases of prototyping and engineering, etc.) an to look for partners for the commercial exploitation of patents. The facility provides technical support in the definition of contracts and intellectual property management and assistance for the filing of patent applications. It also facilitates the various bodies and consortia participating in the project in the creation of new high-tech companies (spin-off), providing entrepreneurial training programs, providing support for the assessment of the market potential of the initiative, the definition and business planning and management and coordination of the business incubator.

The office also takes care of the accreditation procedures and certification of laboratories systems for methods and test quality assurance in order to meet the EU and international organizations requirements in respect to data quality and validation.

Information to companies is constantly maintained trough the identification of applied research topics/industrial partners, regular updating on achieved progresses, activation of communication channels with trade associations and government agencies in the area.

The WP is organized into the following Actions:

  • AZ1 - Set up of the office for the support of the technology transfer

  • AZ2 - Experimentation process and adaptation of the product-innovation process

  • AZ3 - Information and technology transfer to businesses

WP leader Sandro Frigio - CINFAI