WP3 - Training

WP3 objective is to promote training of young people who are employed in different research projects within RITMARE. The project aims to ensure the availability of technicians and experts, collaborating in research projects and related activities, and to promote the training of new professionals or upgrade existing ones, in order to manage technological innovation outcomes generated in the project framework.

The training should cover mainly frontier disciplines which activities are carried out not only at universities, but also at institutions and industries involved in the project, leading edge research. The involvement of the industrial system at this stage is, in certain specific areas, essential because it allows an easier integration of young people into the labor market, bringing together supply and demand.

Training and updating programs of maritime professions are defined in the light of new technological and regulatory requirements. A review of the skills of the human element with major impacts on both the training (redefinition of training for crews and land staff) and on technologies and tools for training (eg through the adoption of e-learning and blended learning tools designed to optimize the training time). This revision is finalized to adjust personnel capacity and skills employed in land and board management activities according to the STCW (International Standards of Competence):

  1. design of specialized courses on the fleet environmental performance management, on global regulations and management systems (eg Master environmental experts);

  2. design of specialized courses for experts in ship and maritime transport energy efficiency (eg Master for mechanical engineers);

  3. design of specialized courses for experts on new solutions to optimize propulsion and exploitation of renewable energy sources (eg Master for mechanical engineers and naval)

The WP is organized into the following Actions:

  • AZ1 - Survey of new professionals: analysis of the requirements

  • AZ2 - Preparation of PhDs, Masters (I and II level) and Advanced Courses on RITMARE research topics

  • AZ3 - International School of Marine Sciences in Venice

WP leader Cesare Corselli - CONISMA