WP2.AZ4 - Strategies for Using Social media

The web applications and social media channels of communication are now attractive and beneficial, because they can transmit messages to large segments of the population in a timely, efficient and economical way. The scales of diffusion of these means of communication are of the order of millions of people in real time. This type of promotion of research - which uses online blogs, content sharing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo for videos, Flickr, Slideshare for photographs, written content for Wikipedia), social networks (Facebook, Myspace or to more oriented communications, Twitter, LinkedIn), is aimed at a rapidly evolving and requires an online sharing strategy based on the continuous content re-definition. The goal of maintaining this world "virtual" connected to the real world has as a strong point "transparency" of information that is based on sound arguments and always accessible for further study.

Action leader Carmela Caroppo - IAMC