Research, Training and Dissemination Structures

This sub-project seeks to implement various initiatives including the strengthening of marine laboratories providing support for the national research community, the dissemination of the technical and scientific results achieved by the RITMARE project, and high-level scientific training.

In the field of marine sciences, the Italian research system can count on numerous laboratories distributed throughout the national territory, associated with Universities and various research bodies. Often these laboratories are underused or lack the personnel to keep them active; their equipment is obsolete or, in cases where it is state-of-the-art, there is insufficient qualified technical personnel to operate it. Marine research has very high costs, due to the expensive ships and instrumentation, as well as specialised personnel, that are required. In addition, the related laboratory analyses are also highly complex and expensive. Therefore, the expansion and shared use of certain existing laboratories belonging to various bodies is a necessary step. This strategy, in the context of RITMARE, enables better use of structures and equipment that are currently not being exploited to their full potential and to maximise the effectiveness of the investments being made in their expansion. This ensures that once the project is concluded, an efficient poly-structure remains active, enjoying the use of shared infrastructure on the European model.

The objective of the WP dedicated to knowledge dissemination is to plan, organise and promote the dissemination of the results of the project. The dissemination activities are not only aimed at the world of research, but also at companies whose activities are related to the sea in some way and at ordinary citizens, with the objective in the latter case of raising awareness of the marine environment as a resource. Particular attention is paid to dissemination among local and national government bodies with decision-making and managerial responsibilities in the various sectors, raising awareness of the databases and support tools arising from the activities of the project.

The objective of the WP dedicated to high-level training is to produce a generation of young marine researchers who works directly on research projects developed through RITMARE. The training focuses mainly on new technologies and cutting-edge disciplines linked to marine research. The involvement of industry in this phase is fundamental, because it makes it simpler to bring young people into the world of work, achieving a better fit between the actual market demand for professional skills and the new professional profiles becoming available. The WP aims to guarantee the availability of technicians and experts who are able to participate in research projects and associated activities and to promote the training of new professional figures or the retraining of existing ones in order to guide the future development of the technological innovations emerging from the research carried out within the project. 

  • WP1 Shared infrastructure for marine technologies

  • WP2 Communication

  • WP3 Training

  • WP4 Technological transfer

WP leader Umberto Giostra - CINFAI