WP5 - Autonomous tools

WP5 aims to implement an integrated national fleet of mobile platforms of observation. This fleet is based on innovative autonomous systems, especially glider (gliding underwater robots) that offer great perspectives in the intermediate and deep ocean observation (up to 1000 m) and are now able to have such a wide variety of loads paying. Due to the complexity in the management, the versatility of the platform and the large amount of data that can be collected and partially transmitted in real time, the glider involve heavy investment both in hardware and in the formation of scientific and technical staff. In WP5 these resources are available with the perspective of becoming a research infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community and its contribution to national EGO (Everyone's Glider Organization). In particular, a fleet of commercial and multi-sensory platforms is developed and tested at sea. An infrastructure for fleet operation and data management from separate instruments is finally determined and tested.

  • AZ1 - Italian Fleet of stand-alone instruments

  • AZ2 - Infrastructure for a fleet of mobile platforms, legislative guidelines and best practices definition

  • AZ3 - Analysis, quality control and data dissemination

WP leader Pierre Poulain - OGS