WP4.AZ3 - Development of system components

The Action aims to develop an integrated marine forecasting system for the Mediterranean Sea and the Italian seas, that could provides forecasting products of the sea level, the wave field, the 3D fields of currents, temperature and salinity and the biogeochemical parameters at different spatial and temporal resolution in order to fill the monitoring needs and the emergency management at sea. These forecasts are integrated into the system of rapid response in order to provide adequate and accessible responses in case of emergency. The Action consolidates advanced systems based on high-resolution numerical models and capable of solving the dominant processes; it improves data assimilation techniques in situ by satellite, changing also the types of data that can be assimilated by the system; it develops ensemble forecasting techniques. Moreover, the Action studies and numerically implements the interaction between surge, wave and tide, and their effect on the overall sea level.

Action leader Andrea Cucco - IAMC