WP4.AZ2 - Design and architecture of development lines and forecasting system updating

The Action aims to make complementary and harmonize the existing activities concerning the marine forecasting systems in order to maximize the coverage and optimize the resolution of the forecasting domains. As a consequence, on the basis of the AZ1 activities, the Action could identify the common and shared lines for the development of forecasting systems and methods with high standards, that guarantee products of adequate quality. Moreover, it defines the structure that are made pre-operational and requires a coordination between the different forecasting systems for the development, management and implementation. The activity also provides indications on how to fill any existing technological and geographical gap, also in the light of scientific progress of the international community. The lines of development take into account, where possible, the needs of users identified in AZ1. Furthermore, an interaction with these users is also organized, in order to gather their feedback on the supplied products.

Action leader Paolo Oddo - INGV