WP2.AZ5 - Development of optical-stereo-systems for the measurement from fixed platforms and ships of wave spectrum

The Action aims to develop space-time measuring techniques of the surface waves during storms. After the validation phase of the first prototype, the activity designes and constructs a pre-series of instruments that are installed on ships in order to test better their reliability and potential in the field. Findings are used to obtain more information on the extreme and anomalous waves (freak waves). This activity impacts directly on the improvement of the estimate of the waves of project for coastal works, ships, offshore structures, and for the operations of maritime routes. Such measures from ships of research and opportunity are possible thanks to an expected technological evolution; as a consequence, measures develop in different areas and sea states, especially in deep waters and in areas where sea storms are generated; in fact, in these areas there are only occasional measures.

Action leader Alvise Benetazzo - ISMAR