WP2.AZ3 - Implementation of coastal radarnetwork

The coastal radar Action aims at creating a network of coastal radars (HF and X band), able to provide real time information on ocean currents and sea state. The network fosters a number of activities:

  1. collaboration between participants and exchange of scientific experiences and applications;

  2. exchange of information on presently adopted QA/QC procedures with the goal of establishing common standards and common practices;

  3. setting, testing  and implementation of interoperability protocols.

The coastal radar system covers a number of key regions. In some of the sites, information from radar data will be merged with other environmental data obtained from satellite measurements at high and very high resolution.

The Action includes also the development of hard-software technology able to employ the traditional X-band radar, used for instance in ferry boats, as tools able to retrieve sea state parameters and to estimate surface currents.

Coordinating partner: CNR ISMAR

Participants:  CNR IAMC, CNR IREA, CNR ISMAR, DIST Univ. Parthenope, OGS