WP2.AZ1 - Strengthening the Mediterranean satellite system

The Action aims to strengthen the satellite observing system in the Mediterranean Sea managed by the CNR within the Marine Core Service of GMES. In particular, as concerns the data of sea temperature and colour, researches try to improve the satellite estimates in coastal area, to integrate multiple sensors in order to increase the spatial and time resolutions. As concerns the wind fields developed by the CNR and currently working also at the Centre for Forecasting and Reporting Tides of the City of Venice, the Action developes new multi-sensor products integrated in the system that already exist in the CNR national network. In synergy with the other components of the observing system, a system for the continuous calibration and validation of the remote sensing data is develop in order to quantify the uncertainties and to keep under control instrument performances and product quality.

Action leader Lia Santoleri - ISAC