WP1 - Design of integrated and multi-platforms observatories consisting of observation networks, fixed and mobile stations, opportunity ships

WP1 aims to integrate observational systems very different from each other, already existing in the country and experienced in European projects, providing the design of an observation system based on the concept of 'Marine Observatory' focuses on fixed systems, spatial measures repeated over time and remote sensing, in view of their integration in the modelingcomponent for monitoring and prediction.

The design covers the general concepts, propose methodologies, technology implementations and test sites that allow to evaluate the regional characteristics of the marine ecosystem and their temporal variability. Observatories are also an opportunity for dissemination and organization of initiatives targeting civil society.

The design integrates and complements the existing observational systems in order to create a new system to support all RITMARE subprojects. This integration allows to switch from the philosophy of monitoring (as a simple acquisition of repeated measurements over time) to that of observatories, gathering the capacity to reach an integrated analysis of measures in the light of a scientific multidisciplinary approach.

  • AZ1 - Definition of general objectives, areas, and additional parameters and of a metric for the observing system

  • AZ2 - Integration of observational systems for the realization of "observatories"

WP leader Adriana Zingone - SZN