WP2.AZ2 - Contaminants discharge, transfer and diffusion processes and their effects on deep sea ecosystems

The Action focuses on understanding the processes of input and the transfer driver of pollutants (and CO2) in deep environment and on assessing the risks associated with the release of chemical and radioactive contaminants from accidental spills on the surface, from sunk shipwrecks or submerged deposits or dumping of ammunition and remnants of war and waste in areas with gravitational flows. Moreover, it assesses the long-term impacts on deep ecosystems.

The activities of the Action concern:

  1. development of new approaches for the recovery of contaminated seabeds related to spills of toxic and / or dangerous materials;

  2. assessment of the environmental damage in offshore systems;

  3. identification the best recovery interventions.

Action leader Mario Sprovieri - IAMC