WP1.AZ3 - Geo-resources and problems linked with their exploitation

The Action aims to characterize major issues related to marine resources, providing the national community with a geodatabase reporting the possible sites of exploitation (renewable energy, mineral deposits and materials for beach nourishment, etc.) in the Italian seas and proposing a methodological, instrumental and analytical improvement in the characterization of sites emitting fluids.

To achieve these results, the Action is:

  • taking a census and characterizing the main sites of mineralization induced by hydrothermalism and in the major hydrothermal sites (hypothetically exploitable for the use of geothermal energy),

  • characterizing emissions of cold fluids from the seabed (to research of gas hydrates and to map potential hydrocarbon reservoirs),

  • mapping of potential sites of exploitation of aggregates, to be used in the nourishment of coasts and as building materials,

  • zoning of potential areas for renewable energy exploitation (wind, waves, currents);

  • testing the validity of a methodology for the formulation of a mineral and energy geo-resources exploitation scenario, with significant impact on the seabed and habitats, in collaboration with the action AZ2 WP3.

Action leader Marzia Rovere - ISMAR