WP5 - Supporting maritime space planning

WP5 ensures the integration, enhancement and direct transfer to decision-makers and operators of research activities outcomes gained in SP3, to support policies and management processes regarding Italian coastal areas and maritime space, in line with the principles of sustainable development and based on the ecosystem approach, as required by European Directives and Recommendations.

To achieve this aim structured debate and public and private stakeholders involvement are organized, as well as activities concerning the conceptualization and information integration, the development of operational tools related to specific issues and specific areas of interest are carried out.

The WP introduces fully in the project the socio-economic dimension, indispensable for any proper and conscious management choice, highlighting the interests of different sectors and activities (tourism, fisheries and aquaculture, navigation, industry, energy, etc..), quantifying the direct and indirect economic value and analyzing models of policy & governance.

The integration of physical-oceanographic, ecological, economic and social issues is ensured by the direct and constant connection with the activities of other WP and is realized in some Decision Support Systems (DSS), which are developed and applied specifically for project pilot areas.

WP5 is divided into the following Actions:

  • AZ1 - Relationships with Agencies and Institutions

  • AZ2 - Analysis and assessment tools for the integrated management and the sustainable development of coastal systems

  • AZ3 - Decision Support Systems

WP leader Paolo Magni - IAMC