WP2 - Functionality of coastal ecosystems

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WP2 concerns the study of major environmental processes that determine coastal ecosystems functioning, in order to obtain an advance in knowledge of their spatio-temporal dynamics and to provide tools and innovative strategies for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). Through an ecosystem approach, in close connection with the activities of WP1, coastal environments directly and indirectly subject to human impact are studied, with particular focus on the most vulnerable. The response of marine organisms and communities in situations of stress-induced impacts is observed, the ecosystem environmental state is assessed as well as drivers influencing it. WP activity also provides for the design of protocols for the determination of contaminants bioaccumulation in marine organisms and their transfer into the food web. Pollution levels of specific coastal areas will be assessed and characterization methods and intervention techniques for contaminated sites will be developed.

The WP is divided into the following actions:

  • AZ1 - Ecosystem approach to the integrated management of the coastal zone

  • AZ2 - Anthropic and Natural impacts on biological communities

  • AZ3 - Integrated environmental characterization and remediation of contaminated coastal sites

WP leader Maria Cristina Buia - SZN