WP5 - Development of tools and strategies for sustainable fishing

Fishing techniques currently in use are far from been selective and juveniles capture and the discarding of non-target and protected species (bycatch) represent a major catch portion. In trawling the physical impact with the seabed involves, as well as high direct environmental impact, greater towing efforts and hence higher fuel consumption. The actions proposed in the WP cover the development of more selective fishing gear and low environmental impact, reducing the incidental catch of unwanted or protected species, including the use of sonar systems and discards in some traditional fishing modes; evaluation of physical impact on the seabed exerted by the trawl, through innovative approaches based on acoustic technology.

The WP is divided into the following activities:

  • AZ1 - Development of more selective fishing gear

  • AZ2 - Reducing the environmental impact of fishing activity

  • AZ3 - Development of new technologies to reduce energy consumption

  • AZ4 - Economics of fishing

WP leader Antonella Sala - ISMAR