WP4 - Innovative aspects for sustainable aquaculture

The development of Italian mariculture, especially as regards fish productions, has undergone a substantial delay caused by the difficulties in the development of activities of appropriate economic size and in the access to marine open areas. Currently, mariculture research is a central chapter in sea policies, an essential part of an up to date use of marine areas, according to the logic of sustainability. All international agreements and the new CFP perspectives see aquaculture activity fully integrated with fisheries policies, in the context of feeding strategies, and conservation and marine spatial planning strategies.

WP4 has the overall objective of evaluate the innovative aspects to consolidate sustainable aquaculture. In particular, new technologies for the innovation of processes and products are tested.

The WP is divided into the following activities:

  • AZ1 - Development of breeding techniques with low environmental impact

  • AZ2 - Production of new species of marine invertebrates and vertebrates for Mediterranean aquaculture

  • AZ3 - Optimization of animal culture conditions (welfare), and effects evaluation of the quality of the final product

  • AZ4 - Trials aimed to the development of innovative and sustainable fish food

WP leader Antonio Mazzola - CONISMA