WP3 - Sustainable fishing boat

The WP aims to design and build a technological demonstrator with high efficiency characteristics, low environmental impact and high safety.

To keep the costs of "vessel" system management and to improve the environmental sustainability is necessary to turn our attention both to keel forms and to propulsion apparatus, to achieve fuel savings, with a consequent reduction of polluting emissions and noise. For example, modular systems based on azimuth propulsion that replaces the transmission shaft and the boat rudder could be used to offer a wider maneuverability in towing operations, in the navigation in difficult sea conditions and in mooring operations.

Finally, the study and testing of deck machinery and aids to fishing operations that can raise the standard of safety and comfort on board the vessel is essential. Handling fish machines have to be designed to maximize the quality of the product and workplace ergonomics.

The WP is divided into the following activities:

  • AZ1 - Energy efficiency and environmental impact

  • AZ2 - Safety, comfort and functionality

  • AZ3 - On board activities management

  • AZ4 - High efficiency refrigerating systems

WP leader Salvatore Freni - ITAE