Technologies for sustainable fishing

Italy plays an important role in the exploitation of fisheries in the Mediterranean, as seen in the size of its fishing fleet and the catch (the biggest in the Mediterranean on both counts) and the consequent impact of the sector on the national economy and the number of people directly or indirectly employed in the industry.

In order to ensure competitiveness and guarantee future economic development while respecting the crucial principles of human safety at sea and protection of the marine environment, the sector must develop the capacity to effectively integrate empirical notions and advanced scientific and technological knowledge. Since the correct assessment of the productive potential of fisheries and their sustainability are fundamental, it is necessary first of all to optimise the gathering and analysis of data, quantitative prediction models and technologies for the rational, sustainable and safe exploitation of fishing resources. The fishing sector thus requires an integrated approach based on a monitoring system and a description of the ecosystem dynamics that have an impact on fishing and are impacted by it. The use of environmental and ecosystem information in the management of resources is also necessary, as is analysis and prediction of the relationship between fishing and the ecosystem, in order to identify and assess strategies and methods for sustainable access to resources).

In addition it is necessary to maintain the highest level of safety for personnel, as well as adequate working conditions on board fishing vessels. Lastly, the approach needs to develop innovative systems for providing assistance to maritime traffic and fishing fleets in particular.

The areas of development of the sub-project are:

  • WP1 - Ecosystem approach to the evaluation and use of fishing resources

  • WP2 - Tools for the implementation of ecosystem approach to fisheries and sustainable aquaculture

  • WP3 - Sustainable Fishing fleet

  • WP4 - Innovative aspects for sustainable aquaculture

  • WP5 - Development of tools and strategies for sustainable fishing

SP leader Fabio Fiorentino - IAMC