Work breakdown structure

In this section the 7 RITMARE Sub Projects (SP) are described identifying objectives, scientific questions and industrial world requests. 
Each SP is divided into Work Packages (WP), each one divided into Actions (AZ); AZ are described in terms of content and objectives, referring to the five-year project, with particular emphasis on innovative features and technological progresses. In the operational phase will be defined metrics, procedures and assessment tools suitable for different types of sub-projects and, consequently, the expected products.

The seven sub-projects are:

SP1 - Sub-project 1 - Maritime Technologies

SP2 - Sub-project 2 - Technologies for Sustainable Fishing

SP3 - Sub-project 3 - Planning of the Maritime Space in Coastal Waters

SP4 - Sub-project 4 - Planning of the Deep Marine Environment and the Open Sea

SP5 - Sub-project 5 - Observation System for the Marine Mediterranean Environment

SP6 - Sub-project 6 - Research, Training and Dissemination Structures

SP7 - Sub-project 7 - Interoperable Infrastructure for the Observation Network and Marine Data