WP2.AZ1 - Marine Science in schools

The project website hosts a special section dedicated to schools, which contains educational material specifically designed. These materials include video, slide shows, animations, short stories, brochures and flyers.

Lectures dedicated to teachers are organized in primary and secondary schools in order to update them on the scientific and technical progresses in the field of marine science and maritime technology. These teachers, in turn, have the task of spreading what they have learned with their colleagues, students and parents. They also are required to draw up a report on the effects of their experience and of dissemination activities. The action is coordinated together with the results achieved by the projects of the Ministry of Education, which provides grants for projects designed to promote the dissemination of scientific culture in schools. Therefore workshops and pilot lectures are held at Universities and Research Institutes, including National Research Council Institutes specifically concerned by marine topics, where these initiatives are already established and where educational centers interested in the events (tours, seminars, exhibits) are already organized in an educational network.

Action leader Mara Felici - CINFAI