WP2.AZ4 - Interactions between bottom currents and specific topographic structures and effects on the seabeds

The international scientific community has recently recognized that the processes of dense water formation and sinking and the interactions between the bottom currents and the seabed morphology, in the presence of complex topographical structures, may have a key role in long-term defining the global climate. Moreover, the sedimentary processes related to them (erosion, transport and deposition) cause the formation of structures that change and evolve the seabeds. As a consequence, the Action proposes a multidisciplinary action aiming to increase the current understanding with innovative and avant-garde methodologies.

The Action focuses on the study of processes operating from regional to local scale; it pays particular attention to those areas where these processes occur, or are occurred, which connect the platform areas with the deep environment. The approach is multidisciplinary and integrated, combining a observation component with an advanced modelling.

Action leader Andrea Bergamasco - ISMAR